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Family home in Copenhagen, Easter holidays Scrabble standoff

A superb start to the Easter school holidays, we had friends staying for two nights, very special people – we go back years and years, we don’t meet up as often as we would like but when we do it’s like we have never been apart. One of the reasons why we fell in love with our house when we first saw it was that we can double the numbers and still live comfortably.  Me and husband both have family and friends living far and away and when everyone has multiplied with several kids and dogs, we wanted a house that can store that extra volume, extra chaos, and have a bit of spare capacity for the inevitable game of midnight musical beds (small children ending up in parents’ beds, parents ending up anywhere between living room sofas and dog beds). We hiked en famille to the top of the steep hill overlooking Bigbury Bay, we cooked, we drank wine, we fell asleep on the sofas in front of the fire an hour after the kids had gone to bed, which is about the same time we used to leave the house to go out to bars and clubs back in the day. We sent our friends off on their drive home and finished the Saturday with a Scrabble tournament, and I wiped the floor with my opponents – husband and my 6-year old son. There was a bit of a disagreement regarding whether American English spelling was accepted, but I stood my ground, to ferocious accusations of cheating. I was crowned champion (deservedly). Life is good.

I saw this home featured in Bo Bedre, a house in Copenhagen designed for a family of four,  and thought that this would be great for gatherings. Space for children to run around, space to sit down with a cup of tea and a book safe in the knowledge that you can be together and be on your own at the same time. I love the black kitchen, let’s move away from the all-white interiors, my Nordic brothers and sisters.


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Rebel (Walls)

I spent yesterday in London at the EABG conference and got home to Devon very very late but totally fired up, such an inspirational, amazing day, I was honoured to be in the same room, let alone meet, with so many people who really are the change they want to see. I could not get enough about evidence-based education and got many ideas on how to implement it on a micro level at home in Sami’s programme, but to think that over in the US that is what is driving policy, instead of the collective incompetence of a handful of half-wits (UK) – it’s just breathtaking. As is this wallpaper, from the Swedish company Rebel Walls.


thank you LoveNordic for the pictures!

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(un)conscious shopping

I woke up from deep sleep around 3.30am to find that husband in bed had been replaced with a small child and half a dozen toy sharks. I must have – for some inexplicable reason – decided to have a browse on the Finnish auction site Huuto.net, and in my half-sleep I guess I bid for yet another Artek E60 stool and went back to sleep. I won it, it’s in Finland. Nice bright yellow though! A bit of spring vibe in the middle of our flood warnings. Lesson: do not keep iPads under your bed.


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Concrete House in Lagnö, Sweden

Happy Friday! I could not sleep last night for all the BIG PLANS. Here’s today’s house porn, I shall wait while you pick your jaw off the floor…

This concrete wonder is in Lagnö in the Stockholm archipelago, and it is the handiwork of Tham & Videgård Arkitekter who are famous for reinterpreting traditional structures in a way that makes you go slightly weak at the knees. From the road, you see a concrete wall. On the other side facing the sea, a swimming pool and a sprawling partly glass covered veranda, massive floor to ceiling teak windows and a view to the sea. With a rather modest 100 square metres it manages to look discreet and not like a cold war mausoleum. Inside, it’s Artek-tastic. I love it. Can someone get a message to the owners that I would like to be their friend and come and live here? Please?

Featured in Residence magazine, styled by Lotta Agaton.


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Utility room dream vs utility room reality

This is the utility room look I was after: white space, vintage accessories, cupboards for laundry and cleaning products, outdoor clothes, boots, dog leads and the like.


This is the utility room I have.

I think I have really nailed it here.

A particular feature is the top of fridge acting as a staging post for dead projects, including ingredients for making home-made sausages (husband. Total time spent in past 12 months: 3 hours) and an unopened box of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (me. Total time spent in past 12 months: 6 hours)


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House in Malmö

This house belongs to the stylist Emma Persson Largerberg, who is behind the stunning pictures of another home in Malmö. What amazing kids’ room!

Photos by Petra Bindel


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Office space

This weekend I sent away my CV and a job application for the first time in… quite many years. To me it seems completely absurd that someone would actually hire me, when I can’t even remember to put the bins out on a Wednesday. I have university degrees coming out of my ears, and I did have a career once, but, well, then life happens. A child gets diagnosed with a complex disability, then two more children appear (how? why so many!) and suddenly it’s seven years later and there are mushrooms growing inside your car and you can’t figure out how to do online banking (brain, come back! All is forgiven!).

Inspired by a trawl on Pinterest for gorgeous work spaces, I am already planning my office wardrobe. I am convinced my new career is going to happen in a place like these..


Photos via Bolig Pluss, Cherry Blossom World, Design O Form, French By Design

Obviously, new job will be in something like this



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Garage in Gotland, Sweden

ImageImageImageI came across these pictures on Daniella Witte’s blog. This space is in a restored garage in Gotland, we love a bit of industrial drama and bold choices in colours and materials. Lots of light from the huge windows make all the shades and textures work beautifully together.

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Cabin Love: Storfjorden, Norway

Happy Friday! Some more cabin love, this time from Norway. The view from the deck out to Storfjorden is incredible.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

via BoligDrom

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House in Jämtland, Sweden

I called my mum in Finland today, she always gives me a weather report first and today it was a beautiful late winters day, -13C and plenty of snow on the ground. She is usually also able to tell me what the the weather was like on the same day last year, and the year I was born. And she will tell me what the weather is is like here in Devon, saving me from looking outside. Expat life is so much easier now with Skype, I am old enough to still find it unbelievably amazing that I can chat to my mum via Skype video call first thing in the morning while firing up the Nespresso. When I arrived in the UK aged 23 we wrote letters, she would send me Finnish interior magazines (she still does) and we would talk on the phone every week. Now she can show me how much snow they have outside and actually demonstrate the current state of the weather by waving the computer screen towards the window. I am closer to home but the distance feels so much more real, I can see the snow, I can imagine how it feels standing in the spot where the computer screen is pointing, in -13C, what sounds I would hear, what I would see exactly if I turned my head this way or that.

So despite my children running into the sea bare feet this afternoon, for me it’s still winter. My love of cabins is well known among my friends, and I found this one – not exactly a cabin in the strictest Nordic definition in that there is electricity and I hasten to guess, indoor toilets and running water, but a weekend/holiday retreat nevertheless. This wooden holiday house is in Bydalen, in Jämtland, Sweden and so so up my street: the textures everywhere – aged wood, concrete, wool, sheepskins, metal – and the beautiful snowy landscape outside those huge windows. This is where I would like to spend my winters. To be able to clip on my skis at the front door and go for a two hour trek in the woods, that would be heaven.

via Hus & Hem

House in Jämtland, Sweden

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