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Small apartment in Stockholm | Will this break ever end?

Still six days to go until two of my three offspring go back to school. Husband disappears on a work trip despite me clinging to his leg pleading ‘please don’t leave me’. We have done Easter crafts, we went to the fantastic Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter and Child 2 finally got to go and have a sleepover with the sharks at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. Today I caved in to pressure and even took them to Woodlands, marketed as a ‘family theme park’, but actually it’s the 7th circle of hell. So we have exhausted all options for rainy day fun, I have nothing left in my arsenal. Come on sunshine and beach picnics, don’t let me down!

I am eyeing this small but perfectly formed Stockholm apartment for sale via Fantastic Frank with unbridled envy. It’s a one bedroom in Vasastan, 68 square metres and 3.2m ceilings, in a stunning turn of century building. Personally, I would buy this apartment on the back of that bedroom photo alone. A beautiful room for long Sunday morning lie-ins reading the newspapers and drinking coffee (ha ha! as if!). Ten points for spotting my favourite Artek stool.


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(un)conscious shopping

I woke up from deep sleep around 3.30am to find that husband in bed had been replaced with a small child and half a dozen toy sharks. I must have – for some inexplicable reason – decided to have a browse on the Finnish auction site Huuto.net, and in my half-sleep I guess I bid for yet another Artek E60 stool and went back to sleep. I won it, it’s in Finland. Nice bright yellow though! A bit of spring vibe in the middle of our flood warnings. Lesson: do not keep iPads under your bed.


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Concrete House in Lagnö, Sweden

Happy Friday! I could not sleep last night for all the BIG PLANS. Here’s today’s house porn, I shall wait while you pick your jaw off the floor…

This concrete wonder is in Lagnö in the Stockholm archipelago, and it is the handiwork of Tham & Videgård Arkitekter who are famous for reinterpreting traditional structures in a way that makes you go slightly weak at the knees. From the road, you see a concrete wall. On the other side facing the sea, a swimming pool and a sprawling partly glass covered veranda, massive floor to ceiling teak windows and a view to the sea. With a rather modest 100 square metres it manages to look discreet and not like a cold war mausoleum. Inside, it’s Artek-tastic. I love it. Can someone get a message to the owners that I would like to be their friend and come and live here? Please?

Featured in Residence magazine, styled by Lotta Agaton.


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Who else can I bore about my Artek stool?

I met a friend this evening for a bottle of wine. I met her through mutual friends shortly after settling here in South Devon, and we bonded over our appreciation of sequin disco pants and cashmere (not a luxury, a UTILITY item here in South Devon. If you don’t believe me, come and stand on the beach and tell me if it’s cold or not). I couldn’t resist casually dropping in my recent eBay find, which soooooort of developed into a looong google aided presentation on various Artek chairs through the decades. Luckily my friend gets it. This SHIT MATTERS.

I scored a vintage Artek 60 stool on eBay and when it arrived, I couldn’t believe I had never owned one before. It’s one of the defining designs of my childhood, the ubiquitous stool – literally it was everywhere when I was growing up: schools, libraries, offices, homes. EVERYWHERE. I love this, it’s so not an elite piece of designer furniture, it’s as attached to Finnish butts as the heritage Black Horse polyester long johns.

It is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture I have ever known, and I will be featuring photos of my artek 60 in its various disguises over the next months. Hello old friend, nice to have you back.