Farmhouse in Österlen, Sweden

I discovered Elle Decor Country in a WH Smith in Stansted Airport on our way to Finland last month, this magazine is a-grade house porn and it gave me much joy during another painful Ryanair flight to Tampere. It is impossible to pick your favourite house, but this one is a strong contender. An old gabled farmhouse in south-west Sweden belonging to Maria Åström, who inherited the house from her parents, and her husband, artist Sam Stiggson. It is full of stuff, and it looks so lived in, and loved in, instead of being styled within an inch of its life. Shot beautifully by the Stockholm based photographer Jonas Ingerstedt.


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Utility room dream vs utility room reality

This is the utility room look I was after: white space, vintage accessories, cupboards for laundry and cleaning products, outdoor clothes, boots, dog leads and the like.


This is the utility room I have.

I think I have really nailed it here.

A particular feature is the top of fridge acting as a staging post for dead projects, including ingredients for making home-made sausages (husband. Total time spent in past 12 months: 3 hours) and an unopened box of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (me. Total time spent in past 12 months: 6 hours)


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House in Malmö

This house belongs to the stylist Emma Persson Largerberg, who is behind the stunning pictures of another home in Malmö. What amazing kids’ room!

Photos by Petra Bindel


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Stunning light installations created with lamps by Rune Guneriussen


I'm obsessed with lamps, I just love how they can transform a space and add such warmth and beauty. Rune Guneriussen of Norway has created these multiple installations of lighting. I'm in heaven.






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Office space

This weekend I sent away my CV and a job application for the first time in… quite many years. To me it seems completely absurd that someone would actually hire me, when I can’t even remember to put the bins out on a Wednesday. I have university degrees coming out of my ears, and I did have a career once, but, well, then life happens. A child gets diagnosed with a complex disability, then two more children appear (how? why so many!) and suddenly it’s seven years later and there are mushrooms growing inside your car and you can’t figure out how to do online banking (brain, come back! All is forgiven!).

Inspired by a trawl on Pinterest for gorgeous work spaces, I am already planning my office wardrobe. I am convinced my new career is going to happen in a place like these..


Photos via Bolig Pluss, Cherry Blossom World, Design O Form, French By Design

Obviously, new job will be in something like this



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Sunday florals

A beautiful spring Sunday. The garden is, therefore, looking positively desperate. In fact it is eyeing me with open contempt and apparent hostility.

Whatever. Have you seen these photos from the latest issue of Kinfolk? So pretty…ImageImageImageImage

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Wild reindeer centre, observation pavilion



*composes self*

Dovre, Norway. A place to admire the magnificent Dovrefjell national park and its herd of wild reindeer (humans inside, reindeers outside). Design by snøhetta.

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Garage in Gotland, Sweden

ImageImageImageI came across these pictures on Daniella Witte’s blog. This space is in a restored garage in Gotland, we love a bit of industrial drama and bold choices in colours and materials. Lots of light from the huge windows make all the shades and textures work beautifully together.

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Cabin Love: Storfjorden, Norway

Happy Friday! Some more cabin love, this time from Norway. The view from the deck out to Storfjorden is incredible.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

via BoligDrom

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