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School design in Scandinavia

While we are on the subject of education

This is a nursery school in Fagerborg, near Oslo, design Reiulf Ramstad Architects


and this is the Tellus nursery school in Stockholm, designed by Tham & Videgard (same guys who did this bad boy)


and one in Finland, Ajurinmäki nursery by AFKS


aaaand meanwhile, here in the UK…

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Concrete House in Lagnö, Sweden

Happy Friday! I could not sleep last night for all the BIG PLANS. Here’s today’s house porn, I shall wait while you pick your jaw off the floor…

This concrete wonder is in Lagnö in the Stockholm archipelago, and it is the handiwork of Tham & Videgård Arkitekter who are famous for reinterpreting traditional structures in a way that makes you go slightly weak at the knees. From the road, you see a concrete wall. On the other side facing the sea, a swimming pool and a sprawling partly glass covered veranda, massive floor to ceiling teak windows and a view to the sea. With a rather modest 100 square metres it manages to look discreet and not like a cold war mausoleum. Inside, it’s Artek-tastic. I love it. Can someone get a message to the owners that I would like to be their friend and come and live here? Please?

Featured in Residence magazine, styled by Lotta Agaton.


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Wild reindeer centre, observation pavilion



*composes self*

Dovre, Norway. A place to admire the magnificent Dovrefjell national park and its herd of wild reindeer (humans inside, reindeers outside). Design by snøhetta.

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