I am a Finnish expat living in Devon, UK. Once an investment banker (yes a proper job, with clickety-click heels and regular manicures), then a musicology graduate and big plans to become a world famous composer while raising a family (ha ha!), now almost full time mum of three children, one with severe autism, two without. I am finally scratching a 20-year itch, following my passion for design, cultivated early in my childhood spent surrounded by many items we call design classics today. I get off on mid-century Scandinavian antiques.  Cabins are my guilty pleasure, and one day I will have my own, in true Nordic style made from the 150-year old logs reclaimed from one of the houses on the farm where I grew up. I love wood and its texture, light in all its forms, and sustainable design that is as progressive as it is kind.

This blog is a space for curating ideas and inspiration for projects (official line) and truthfully, it’s escapism to avoid doing yet another god damn round of laundry.  I post about interiors I wish I had, and also about the home I actually have. I hope you enjoy it.



clover 280212-012


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  1. Hi Heidi, Thank you for liking / following Find the Details: I hope to have some more design news for you soon…. I enjoyed reading your posts on Scandi design: we share a passion for cabins! All the best FtDx

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