Office space

This weekend I sent away my CV and a job application for the first time in… quite many years. To me it seems completely absurd that someone would actually hire me, when I can’t even remember to put the bins out on a Wednesday. I have university degrees coming out of my ears, and I did have a career once, but, well, then life happens. A child gets diagnosed with a complex disability, then two more children appear (how? why so many!) and suddenly it’s seven years later and there are mushrooms growing inside your car and you can’t figure out how to do online banking (brain, come back! All is forgiven!).

Inspired by a trawl on Pinterest for gorgeous work spaces, I am already planning my office wardrobe. I am convinced my new career is going to happen in a place like these..


Photos via Bolig Pluss, Cherry Blossom World, Design O Form, French By Design

Obviously, new job will be in something like this



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4 thoughts on “Office space

  1. Good luck! May you find your office heaven 🙂

  2. While a white space wouldn`t distract from your work, I`d think it wouldn`t help in the creativity department at all.

  3. You might be right! Work space is a personal thing, I work better with a bit of clutter for inspiration!

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