Small apartment in Kungsholmen, Stockholm

For those who love a bit of apartment porn, check out Fantastic Frank, the uber clever estate agency in Sweden whose photos are plastered all over social media. The photos and styling are so gorgeous. We are about to put our house on the market for rental, they are coming to take photos on Monday and I have to create an illusion of order. I would like our house to look like this lovely little Stockholm one bedroom apartment, but the available free surface area in this 55 sq m home in Kungsholmen is about fourteen times what we have in our five bedroom house (eyeball estimate) thanks to all the crap scattered into all corners. Can someone tell me how this is possible? I spend most of my waking hours tidying. I love surfaces! I implement systems, invent new storage solutions, and commission new cupboards. I throw away broken toys and recycle relentlessly. New stuff keeps appearing faster than I get rid of old. I put things away where they belong, and the rest of the family take something out of its designated place, use it, and leave it right where they stopped using it. And they wonder why I drink.

If I had a flat where I could go on holiday on my own and enjoy all the vacant surface space, it would probably look like this. The living room is gorgeous, the grey sofa, the painting, leather chair and old kakelugn look beautiful together. The apartment is on the 4th floor of an early 20th block, with its high ceilings, deep window sills and panelled doors. I still remember the sounds of such old apartment buildings, the stairs in the communal hallway have this unique timbre and echo that is straight out of vintage movies. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Photos via Fantastic Frank

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