House in Jämtland, Sweden

I called my mum in Finland today, she always gives me a weather report first and today it was a beautiful late winters day, -13C and plenty of snow on the ground. She is usually also able to tell me what the the weather was like on the same day last year, and the year I was born. And she will tell me what the weather is is like here in Devon, saving me from looking outside. Expat life is so much easier now with Skype, I am old enough to still find it unbelievably amazing that I can chat to my mum via Skype video call first thing in the morning while firing up the Nespresso. When I arrived in the UK aged 23 we wrote letters, she would send me Finnish interior magazines (she still does) and we would talk on the phone every week. Now she can show me how much snow they have outside and actually demonstrate the current state of the weather by waving the computer screen towards the window. I am closer to home but the distance feels so much more real, I can see the snow, I can imagine how it feels standing in the spot where the computer screen is pointing, in -13C, what sounds I would hear, what I would see exactly if I turned my head this way or that.

So despite my children running into the sea bare feet this afternoon, for me it’s still winter. My love of cabins is well known among my friends, and I found this one – not exactly a cabin in the strictest Nordic definition in that there is electricity and I hasten to guess, indoor toilets and running water, but a weekend/holiday retreat nevertheless. This wooden holiday house is in Bydalen, in Jämtland, Sweden and so so up my street: the textures everywhere – aged wood, concrete, wool, sheepskins, metal – and the beautiful snowy landscape outside those huge windows. This is where I would like to spend my winters. To be able to clip on my skis at the front door and go for a two hour trek in the woods, that would be heaven.

via Hus & Hem

House in Jämtland, Sweden

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