Apartment in Copenhagen

We made to Friday largely unscathed, husband returned from a week in Denmark and I was treated to an hour of glorious sunshine at the beach, it was so warm that I decided to unwrap all the way to my t-shirt, kick off my boots and feel the sand between my toes. The sun felt warm on my skin, the sea was beautiful and wild and glimmering in the sunlight. A decent cup of coffee from the coffee van in the car park, new issue of Kinfolk mag and only my two dogs for company. Such a perfect afternoon. The lanes are already full of daffodils and snowdrops, we are nearly at the end of another winter.

Here is a delicious apartment in Copenhagen, renovated from an old office block. I do love a bit of old beam, I do. Spot the gorgeous Sigurd Ressel Falcon chair in the living room. The yellow lamp over the kitchen sink is by Muuto.

Styling by Tami Christiansen, via Bolig Magasinet.

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