In Between

Today was World Book Day and Child 2 and Child 3 went to school dressed as characters from a book. Child 2’s class had an ocean theme, which he loved, as it meant that he could go in wearing the adult sized shark costume he made husband buy from the local party tat shop. We made it to school on time even though I was still customising the shark costume at 7.30am while silently cursing school dressing up/down days, non-uniform days, theme days, sport days, cake sales, summer fairs, class trips and all the other days that require work and/or attendance. Child 3 was a mermaid, she refused the lion, cat and cow costumes which were also on offer, probably because the cut was so unflattering.

Child 1 was at home with me today so we did some work, and had lunch at our favourite pub down at the quayside. We took him out of school in January and he is now home schooled. He has autism, quite severe autism, and learning difficulties, and there are no schools for a boy like him where we live. It was a big decision and it was made with a heavy heart, but we had no choice – his school was failing him and he was anxious, unhappy and frustrated. I have no idea what will happen with his education, if he will ever go to a school that can actually teach him, whether he will learn to talk, or whether he will leave home. We take every day as it comes, right now he is happy and making progress with his learning, and there will always be sunshine after rain.

His namesake Sami Kallio is a Finnish designer and he has designed a chair titled In Between for a Danish furniture brand &tradition. There are obvious references to mid-century classics (Wegner) and I love how it looks hand crafted, thanks to Kallio’s background as a joiner.  There is some clever wizardry going on with veneer: In Between is produced using two classical techniques; compression moulding (making it light and thin, yet strong) and woodturning (a technique that uses a lathe to achieve greater detail). Tradition and innovation come together in this beautiful chair. Remembering where you come from, and knowing where you want to go. Always looking forward while being respectful to the past. Doesn’t this resonate beautifully?

SamiKallioInBetweenChair SamiKallioInBetweenChair1 SamiKallioInBetweenChair2 SamiKallioInBetweenChair3

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