Apartment in Malmö

Today we are celebrating, as Child 1 is nine. Nine is also the number of hours I spent making his cake. He wanted an animal cake, and I think the combination of Pinterest and Prosecco got to me. I decided to create a jungle scene with his favourite African animals gathering by a waterfall surrounded by tropical flowers. Husband calls it ‘cake stress’ and suggest every time another birthday rolls in that we outsource the cake making to professionals. Oh no, I say. I’m on it. I have it nailed. It will take me no time at all. Eight hours later, icing sugar everywhere, and I am swearing like a fishwife. However, he loved it, he ate the rhino and the monkey and will most certainly not sleep tonight but the look on his face is worth one messed up night.

Speaking of parties, this beautiful apartment was featured in Elle Interiör in November, and when I saw it I imagined these exquisite rooms filled with beautiful people, music, cocktails and the kind of decadent whispering that used to lead to some of the most memorable nights in my youth. The ceiling panels and paintwork, ornate kakelugn and parquet flooring create a stunning backdrop for the owners’ favourite items. This is my kind of interior design: Ikea, Blocket bargains (sort of Sweden’s version of Graigslist) mix comfortably with design classics. Actually that’s very much my ideal party as well…

The table and chairs in the magnificent dining room are by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, he is best known for being the guy who actually walks the walk of sustainability. He uses recycled scrapwood and traditional joinery techniques to create pieces that are individual and unique, and The Crisis 2009 plywood chair (seen in the photo) looks like nothing you have seen coming from the European design houses in the last fifty years, He says of his chairs:

”There is a story behind the origin of virtually every chair I designed. The moment, the client and, first and foremost, the material, technique and handicraft are recurring factors. The stories are often more important to me than the design itself. I call them fairy tales, and fairy tales do not always end well, but are none the worse for that.”


via Elle interiör

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