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Who else can I bore about my Artek stool?

I met a friend this evening for a bottle of wine. I met her through mutual friends shortly after settling here in South Devon, and we bonded over our appreciation of sequin disco pants and cashmere (not a luxury, a UTILITY item here in South Devon. If you don’t believe me, come and stand on the beach and tell me if it’s cold or not). I couldn’t resist casually dropping in my recent eBay find, which soooooort of developed into a looong google aided presentation on various Artek chairs through the decades. Luckily my friend gets it. This SHIT MATTERS.

I scored a vintage Artek 60 stool on eBay and when it arrived, I couldn’t believe I had never owned one before. It’s one of the defining designs of my childhood, the ubiquitous stool – literally it was everywhere when I was growing up: schools, libraries, offices, homes. EVERYWHERE. I love this, it’s so not an elite piece of designer furniture, it’s as attached to Finnish butts as the heritage Black Horse polyester long johns.

It is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture I have ever known, and I will be featuring photos of my artek 60 in its various disguises over the next months. Hello old friend, nice to have you back.



Townhouse in Klampenborg, Denmark

This is a house that has been drooled over on many design blogs, for a reason: it is a stunning combination of antique and modern all in a beautiful palette of pastel colours and caramel toned leather. The old townhouse belonging to the Jacob Holm, CEO of the Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen, and his family, is almost like a gallery with its original wood panelling on the walls, parquet floors, high ceilings and those amazing windows. I love the original kagelugn (tiled round wood stove) in the corner. And every room is literally dripping with iconic Scandinavian mid-century design classics, you can name drop your way through the house: there’s another Poul Kjaerholm there, a couple of Arne Jacobsens here… but it still looks so homely (It’s the books. Seriously, I want to get a dinner party invitation and snoop through those book shelves).  It is lived in, comfortable, human. Art, beauty and function remixed. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Via French By Design

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Sauna in the Swedish Archipelago


So here it is, a new blog, where I am curating inspirational spaces from the Nordic countries: interiors, public spaces, outdoors, architecture. I also want to blog about design, good quality industrial design, the style in form and function, the beauty of the everyday.

I was thinking about a suitable first post for my new blog and it was obvious. It had to be a sauna.  For me, coming from Finland, the sauna has almost mythical qualities. This one is in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden, designed by Widjedal Racki Architectur and it is perfect. I believe that after you have sat inside, being enveloped by the soft heat from the stove, looking through the huge glass windows at the archipelago lit by the blue hues of the midnight sun, you come out as a better person.

Thanks to Cabin Porn for the photos

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